Why attend

Many organizations focus upon technology as a means of enhancing user perspective and fact-based decision-making. And, while technology is an important enabler, it’s a relatively small part of the equation. We know that the essential ingredients for success lie with people, process and organization - enabled by technology. We’ve long believed that there’s a need for a fresh in-person forum for business and IT leaders to help achieve success with information, business intelligence and analytics.

Accordingly, the Real Business Intelligence® conference is different from others you may have attended because it's NOT about technology. Rather it's focused on strategies for success with business intelligence, analytics, performance management and information management (e.g., people, process and organization supported by technology).

Designed as an interactive executive forum, we focus upon topics which enable attendees to help their respective organizations become more performance-directed and information-driven. Our aim is to teach new processes, share new ideas and help "move the needle" within your organization with pointed and actionable advice.

We’ve assembled an impressive (and perhaps unconventional) faculty that you won’t see or hear anywhere else. They are among the best in the industry, picked to ensure a rich learning experience. All are prominent thought leaders in their disciplines and each deliver important insights and actionable, real-world advice.

Now in our fourth year of hosting this important event, 100% of past attendees have said that they would attend again, with many rave reviews and endorsements. So, we hope you will join our community of forward-thinking leaders and experience something new and unique in the realm of events.