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Real Business Intelligence events are designed expressly for Data Leaders!

Real Business Intelligence delivers a unique perspective on driving success with data and analytics - with exceptional insights and actionable takeaways.

Speakers have included

Every year, we assemble impressive (and perhaps unconventional) faculties that you won’t see or hear anywhere else.

  • Dr. Cathy O'Neil photo

    Dr. Cathy O'Neil

    Author, Weapons of Math Destruction

  • Mico Yuk photo

    Mico Yuk

    BI Brainz Group

  • Prof. Thomas Malone photo

    Prof. Thomas Malone


  • Dr. Theresa Johnson photo

    Dr. Theresa Johnson


  • Dr. Hal Gregerson photo

    Dr. Hal Gregerson


  • Amy Webb photo

    Amy Webb

    Future Today Institute

  • Peter Schwartz photo

    Peter Schwartz

    Author, The Art Of The Long View

  • Simone Knight photo

    Simone Knight


  • Dr. Barb Wixom photo

    Dr. Barb Wixom


  • Dr. Iyad Rahwan photo

    Dr. Iyad Rahwan


  • Sylvia Acevedo photo

    Sylvia Acevedo

    Girl Scouts of America

  • Prof. Bill Aulet photo

    Prof. Bill Aulet


  • Efosa Ojomo photo

    Efosa Ojomo

    Christensen Institute

  • Dr. Benson Hsu photo

    Dr. Benson Hsu

    Sanford Healthcare

  • Dr. Kirk Borne photo

    Dr. Kirk Borne

    Booz Allen Hamilton

  • Prof. Alberto Cairo photo

    Prof. Alberto Cairo

    Author, How Charts Lie

  • Gebhard Rainer photo

    Gebhard Rainer

    Sandals Resorts

  • Prof. Gary Urton photo

    Prof. Gary Urton


Strategic, data and analytics learning event, guided by luminary thought-leaders.

Join a fresh and exciting forum for business and IT leaders to help achieve success with information, business intelligence and analytics.

success with data and analytics through new and unique approaches, methods and techniques.
more balanced / realistic view of the market, dispelling hype and misinformation.
realistic, future-focused, data/analytics strategies.
to assess, evolve, transform your strategy.
access to the virtual platform to watch recorded sessions.
to both days of the event, all keynotes and sessions.
Round table
discussions (multiple topics to choose from) on both days.
meetings with attendees and faculty.
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